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The Value of Confidentiality

Nearly every M&A advisor would agree that confidentiality is the foundation upon which successful transactions are built. Confidentiality is paramount throughout the M&A transaction process, but this is especially true when it concerns: the seller’s employees the seller’s customers and vendors the seller’s competitors and the public public companies and the possibility of insider information […]

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Quality of Data Drives Deals

The quality of data is the most commonly overlooked risk factor of business owners pursuing a sale of their business in the marketplace. Owners must be able to provide prospective buyers with evidence to support their earnings and their adjustments to earnings. Poor data quality is usually linked to: Antiquated accounting systems Incorrect revenue recognition […]

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Be Prepared!

It is impossible to list all the issues and decision points that may arise in the course of selling or preparing your business for sale. Every Merger & Acquisition transaction is different. A successful sale requires early preparation from the seller to optimize the sales value of their business and minimize the risk of a […]

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Integration: The “Real Work” Begins…

Leading up to a transaction, buyers and sellers of companies can’t help but be enthusiastic about the endless opportunities that lie ahead. With all the synergies, growth possibilities and efficiencies to be realized; what’s not to be excited about!? This Honeymoon phase may continue post-transaction, but as integration becomes a reality, the excitement dissipates and […]

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Taking Chips Off The Table

The thought of “cashing out” lingers in the back of every business owners’ mind. Confronted daily with time constraints, market volatility, hawkish competition, profitability and growth objectives, and employee satisfaction, owners often neglect taking the necessary actions to establish a viable exit strategy. There are simply not enough hours in the day. However, business owners […]

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Do Taxes Matter?

Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”) are complex, multilayered, excitingly negotiable with endless options. M&A transactions present numerous tax planning and compliance issues. Below are tax considerations that appear repeatedly in middle market deals and only serve as a starting point for delving into more intricate and tedious tax issues: Structure – most commonly used structures are asset or stock purchases Reorganizations – tax-free reorganizations are subject to a myriad of IRS requirements Purchase price […]

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