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Bridge the Gap

Economic uncertainty, volatility in the capital markets, and financing restrictions have created a challenging environment for committed buyers and sellers in the lower middle market. Foremost, valuations have come under deep scrutiny. Having reached all-time highs prior to the pandemic, buyers and sellers may find it difficult to align valuation expectations. Some considerations for both […]

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This Too Shall Pass

With the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic presumably in our rear view, the future for mergers and acquisitions in the lower middle market remains uncertain and unpredictable in the short-to-near term. Many strategic buyers (e.g. same industry or business) have adopted a wait-and-see approach to potential transactions, while financial buyers (i.e. private equity groups) have […]

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COVID-19 Impact on Merger & Acquisition Transactions

Many acquisition processes are being put on hold pending further clarity on the broader health and economic consequences of COVID-19.  In the future, the impact of the pandemic on buyers and sellers will be seen in a wide range of implications, including a “new” focus on: Preparing for sale – is it the right time; […]

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The Doomsday Ratio

Is your company prepared to survive a Doomsday scenario? Without quantifiable measurements in place, it may difficult to know how your business is actually performing. Financial ratios or benchmarks are used to assess the financial health of a company. The company’s financial statements, primarily the income statement and balance sheet, are converted to a standardized […]

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The Strategic Exit

If you are considering a sale of your business in the near future, strategic buyers, or corporate acquirers, must be at the top of your prospective buyer’s list. Strategic buyers operate in the same industry or business and may include competitors, suppliers, or clients of your company. The main objective of strategic buyers is to […]

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Balance Sheet Analysis

In most merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions, valuations are determined based on the income and cash flow of the company. Furthermore, the character and makeup of the balance sheet must also be assessed when evaluating a company for a transaction. Negotiating balance sheet target values should be an early and meaningful part of Middle Market […]

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