Integration: The “Real Work” Begins…

Leading up to a transaction, buyers and sellers of companies can’t help but be enthusiastic about the endless opportunities that lie ahead. With all the synergies, growth possibilities and efficiencies to be realized; what’s not to be excited about!?

This Honeymoon phase may continue post-transaction, but as integration becomes a reality, the excitement dissipates and pressures to capitalize on expectations intensify. Although opinions may vary on the approach to post-transaction integration, all can agree; an integration strategy must be established. This strategy should include:

  • Unifying management teams behind a shared purpose
  • Setting priorities and time frames; aggressively following/adjusting accordingly
  • Training staff for immediate concerns
  • Monitoring productivity while remaining client-focused
  • Anticipating and managing staff turnover
  • Addressing cultural issues
  • Measuring the impact of all major decisions
  • Communicating throughout the process!!!

In order for a transaction to be successful, months of preparation, negotiation and bargaining are required. It’s no surprise that exhilaration typically follows a deals consummation. However, it’s equally important that buyers and sellers understand that post-transaction integration begins on Day 1, if not sooner, to ensure the new entity’s success.

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