Be Prepared!

It is impossible to list all the issues and decision points that may arise in the course of selling or preparing your business for sale. Every Merger & Acquisition transaction is different. A successful sale requires early preparation from the seller to optimize the sales value of their business and minimize the risk of a failed transaction. The planning process begins with:

  • Clarify Seller’s Goals – assess the seller’s expectations and goals within the current market conditions to determine the best exit strategy and the right type of buyer.
  • Know the Challenge – the seller must be willing to simultaneously operate a successful business and manage the sales process.
  • Know the Buyers – the seller must identify the right buyers; where the right buyers see value, the value drivers, and the deal making and breaking issues.
  • Strengths, Weaknesses and Corrective Actions – perform sell-side due diligence followed by corrective actions.
  • The Presentation – position information gathered in sell-side due diligence to educate buyers of the benefits of owning the business.
  • Forming Your Team – it is critical to identify key internal individuals and external advisors.

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