Brand Recognition Enhances Value?

Early orchestration of a strategy for your business’ brand will create additional value at the time your business is sold. A brand represents the face of the business; a unique and recognizable design, sign, symbol, or slogan employed to create an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors. Aside from generating increased revenues and profits, strong brand recognition and reputation may clearly drive higher multipliers of cash flow for the potential business value for these reasons:

  • Higher customer retention; repeat business; effects reliability of future sales and sustainability of existing customers
  • Competitive edge in the market; identifies your product/services, differentiates it from the competition
  • Higher barrier for competition; customer recognition of credibility, quality/satisfaction with the brand; possible protected intellectual property
  • Owner is less essential to business success; company’s reputation stands for certain benefits/value
  • Attraction/retention of employees and management; strong successor management in place
  • Loyal customers who insist on product by brand name; prepared to pay a premium for it
By investing in your business’ brand recognition and reputation, your business will be worth more. An experienced M&A Team can assist you with identifying and accentuating your business’ brand and value.