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Relying on a Handshake or a Letter of Intent (LOI)

In acquisitions, a Letter of Intent, or LOI, is a document that outlines the key business terms the buyer and seller agree to, which later become the basis for all agreements and documents that legally bind a business sale. Common clauses in the LOI should include who the buyer and seller are, purchase price, structure […]

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Generating Multiple Buyers

It has long been recognized in the Merger & Acquisition market that “having only one buyer is the same as having no buyers.” For the seller of a business, having multiple buyers is an absolute requirement to maximize the sales value of an owner’s business. But just how does the M&A Professional bring multiple buyers […]

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How Do I Maximize the Sales Price of My Company?

Maximizing the sales price of a business involves focusing on the “value drivers” of the industry. Value drivers are the set of key factors that reduce financial risk, improve financial returns and create value for the company. These aspects are used by buyers, investors and financial lenders to determine the value of a company. Value drivers […]

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Valuation: What Is the Value of My Company?

The uses of business valuations are almost unlimited: buy/sell agreements, fairness opinions, purchase price allocations, estate planning, gift taxes, charitable contributions, shareholder transactions, Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs), solvency and insolvency opinions, collateral valuations, litigation support, etc. When selling one’s business, clarifying the seller’s goals and measuring those goals’ financial needs with the proceeds from […]

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If I am selling my company, what’s the importance of a Growth Vision for my company?

A vision for Growth Strategy is a practical approach to achieving top-line revenue growth and bottom-line profit results. Company growth strategies are critically important whether the seller is a start-up business or has been in business for years. In today’s economic recovery many CEOs and business owners have become strategic buyers turning to acquisitions in […]

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