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CIMs: A New Pair of Glasses

Detailed Confidential Information Memorandums (CIMs) require collaboration between Sellers and their Investment Banker(s), and will provide prospective Buyers with enough information to make purchasing decisions. Highly effective CIMs consider the Buyers’ perspective throughout the preparation process; accordingly, CIMs must emphasize the value drivers of businesses and all decision-critical content and data. Motivated prospective Buyers expect […]

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Know the Exit Channel!!

Most business valuations calculate the value of a private company using fair market value, and this value is rarely suitable for making investment and financing decisions. Fair market value, although compliance-oriented and theory-based, fails to consider a business owner’s objectives or reasons for a transaction. The type of transaction will determine the owner’s exit channel, […]

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Leaving It To Chance?

Since a company owner never knows for sure what exit strategy may be successful, they should always consider decisions based on maximizing company value no matter what strategy is ultimately followed. Company owners should focus on the qualitative factors that drive quantitative results that align and strengthen the organization, improve profitability, enhance access to capital, […]

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Private Markets: Stop the Clock!!

According to Robert T. Slee, an investment banker and influential author of Private Capital Markets: Valuation, Capitalization, and Transfer of Private Business Interests, US private markets operate on a 10-year transfer cycle, and mid-market companies are currently in the midst of unprecedentedly high valuations and a pre-recession earnings boom (Seller’s Market). Slee’s corroborated data suggest […]

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Growth Strategy: Leave It All On The Field

A solid growth strategy provides companies with a quantifiable vision for growth in revenues and profitability; thereby, enhancing the value of the company post-implementation and increasing its attractiveness to strategic buyers. Company owners must identify the value drivers of their business, determine an acceptable level of risk, and decide on the best method for their […]

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Did You Get What You Paid For?

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are a framework of accounting standards, rules and procedures defined by the professional accounting industry. No single reference source exists for all of GAAP; briefly, the sources of GAAP are: Accounting principles promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“AICPA”) including Financial Accounting Standards of the Financial Accounting […]

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Normalizing Adjustments & The True Company Value

Although a detailed analysis of the financial statements reveals pertinent financial data, the true value of a Company requires that normalizing adjustments be made to the financial statements. Normalizing adjustments reflect a more accurate financial performance, both historically and projected. Normalized financial statements also help determine the Company’s future cash flows, and assess its financial […]

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Due Diligence: It’s in the Cloud!

Upon execution of the Letter of Intent (LOI), buyers and sellers kick-start the due diligence phase of the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process. Due diligence, a most critical step in the M&A process, provides buyers the opportunity to confirm the seller’s financials, determine the risks, establish the potential benefits and understand the overall strategic fit. […]

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The LOI: Defining “is”

When contemplating a merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction, it is important to consider each step of the deal process seriously; beginning with the end in mind. Executing a Letter of Intent (LOI) constitutes a critical juncture in the M&A process; however, if it’s that important, why is it non-binding? The importance of an LOI in […]

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Collaboration Generates Winning Deals

Investment bankers have access to an array of industry-specific data, statistics, and analytics; however, the most comprehensive understanding of a business’ nuances originates from sincere collaboration between sellers and their trusted M&A advisors. No two businesses are alike; therefore, sellers must carefully select an experienced team of investment banking and support professionals. A qualified advisory […]

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Emergency Exits!

According to a number of recent surveys, including the Securian Financial Services survey, it’s estimated that less than 30 percent of business owners have an exit strategy. These figures are alarming given the inevitability of an exit, and the fact that most business owners’ accumulated wealth is tied to their businesses. After years of hard […]

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When Opportunity Meets Need

Companies driven by growth strategies need to consider mergers and acquisitions, especially when the following motivations exist: To capture operational synergies To grow market share or access to distribution channels, markets or products To provide new capabilities, technologies or talent Opportunities exist when “targets” provide: Increase scale Broadened product and service offerings Geographic expansion New […]

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NACVA’s 2015 40 Under 40 Honorees!

Congratulations to Allston Advisory Group’s Senior Managing Director, Nolan K. Kapp, for being selected as a 2015 NACVA 40 Under 40 Honoree!! NACVA and the CTI are founded on excellence, superior quality, and the spirit of pioneering. They have a rich history of partnering with visionary leaders across all spectrums of the accounting and financial consulting professions regardless […]

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Calculation of Value: The Precursor to an Exit

Business owners contemplating an exit from their business should begin the transaction process by engaging an experienced M&A Advisor to perform a Calculation of Value. Although the requirements for a calculation engagement may be more limited than for a valuation engagement, business owners should expect an efficient and systematic approach to the calculation of their […]

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Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper has been acquired by Dages Paint

ABOUT THE DEAL: Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper (also referred to as the “Company” and “Sellers”) has been acquired by Dages Paint (the “Buyers”). Established in 1976 and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper has become the preeminent, independent retailer of high-quality paint and decorating supplies in the region. With three locations, […]

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Knowing your key performance indicators

QUESTION: “AS A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, WHAT CAN I DO IN THIS PRESENT ECONOMY TO PROTECT MY COMPANY?” Know Your Key Performance Indicators! If you are not keeping score, you aren’t going to make it. You must know your numbers! You can start with your monthly income statement and balance sheet. You must identify the Key […]

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“Targeted” PEGs

For many smaller middle market companies (less than $50 million in revenues), Private Equity Groups (PEGs) are “targeted” buyers that seek to acquire ongoing, profitable businesses with realistic growth potential. PEGs provide access to capital, offer insights and expertise, assist with improving market share and operating efficiencies, and have a clear exiting path. Often times, PEGs […]

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Confidentiality: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Nearly every M&A Advisor would agree that confidentiality is the foundation upon which successful transactions are built. Confidentiality is paramount throughout the M&A transaction process, but this is especially true when it concerns: the seller’s employees the seller’s customers and vendors the seller’s competitors and the public public companies and the possibility of insider information […]

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Strategizing for “The Big Dance”

Having a preliminary valuation performed by a qualified M&A professional is one way for a middle market entrepreneur to identify the issues in their business that should be addressed, cleaned-up, or improved to make their business more successful and eventually more attractive to prospective buyers. A preliminary valuation analysis will identify the “value drivers” of the […]

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The Offering Memorandum: Framing the Story

The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) sales process begins with the preparation of a thorough Offering Memorandum (OM). This critical document provides the framework for profiling a company and positioning it for sale. An effective OM requires collaboration between the Sellers and the M&A advisor to capture the essence of the business. These conversations will include: […]

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