Hire an M&A Advisor?

Upon engaging an M&A Advisor to sell their business, a seller can expect an Advisor to find a buyer for the business at the highest possible price with the most advantageous terms. An M&A Advisor would provide the following services to accomplish this goal:

  • Provide the seller with a preliminary business valuation; confirming the expectations of the seller with the realities of the marketplace. M&A Advisors are a great source of information on current market conditions, issues related to pricing and financing, and many other facets of the transaction process.
  • Develop a Confidential Information Memorandum of the company; detailing the business and market for potential buyers.
  • Prepare a marketing strategy for conducting buyer searches and marketing the business to prospective buyers. Qualify and pre-screen buyers for their ability to financially complete the purchase.
  • Coordinate negotiations and provide deal structuring advice; making the sale progress smoothly.
  • Facilitate the transaction until the sale is complete.

Most importantly, an M&A Advisor ensures confidentiality of the sale and provides the seller with the ability to stay focused on their business during the entire sale process.

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