When Opportunity Meets Need

Companies driven by growth strategies need to consider mergers and acquisitions, especially when the following motivations exist:

  • To capture operational synergies
  • To grow market share or access to distribution channels, markets or products
  • To provide new capabilities, technologies or talent

Opportunities exist when “targets” provide:

  • Increase scale
  • Broadened product and service offerings
  • Geographic expansion
  • New capabilities
  • Enhanced brand management
  • Improve positioning in the value chain and/or
  • Customer experience

Opportunity meets need (i.e. timing), when strategically fit targets are available, when market conditions are favorable, and when financing is accessible to fill the growth strategy of an enterprise. There are many drivers in the sale of middle market companies; unfortunately, few business owners have the available luxury of determining the right time to sell their business at its maximum value. Timing a sale should not be entirely out of the question for business owners with the help of their trusted advisors.