If I am selling my company, what’s the importance of a Growth Vision for my company?

A vision for Growth Strategy is a practical approach to achieving top-line revenue growth and bottom-line profit results. Company growth strategies are critically important whether the seller is a start-up business or has been in business for years. In today’s economic recovery many CEOs and business owners have become strategic buyers turning to acquisitions in order to accelerate their growth.

For sellers, the Growth Vision for their company provides one or more of the important acquisition/merger criteria that will enhance the value/selling price of their business. A well defined and supported vision of a growth strategy for the Seller of a business will:

  • Increase the value and sales price of the seller’s business.
  • Support the buyer’s financing or required or required return on investment.
  • Increase the number and quality of potential buyers.
  • Provide a clear vision and roadmap of future direction.
  • Increase the expectations from post-transaction operations.
  • Minimize future risk and uncertainties
  • Support the buyer’s long-term growth strategy

Make your company a highly-valued, strategic acquisition and realize a much greater sales price rather than a “rule of thumb” financial multiple by developing a Growth Vision for your company.