Collaboration Generates Winning Deals

Investment bankers have access to an array of industry-specific data, statistics, and analytics; however, the most comprehensive understanding of a business’ nuances originates from sincere collaboration between sellers and their trusted M&A advisors. No two businesses are alike; therefore, sellers must carefully select an experienced team of investment banking and support professionals. A qualified advisory team knows how to collaborate with the seller and each other to ensure that no stone of value be left unturned in the structuring of a successful transaction.

Some sellers forgo the expertise of a veteran M&A advisory team; choosing instead to represent themselves. This unfortunate seller mistake is most commonly due to misconceptions about an M&A advisor’s roles and responsibilities (i.e. only a “Matchmaker”), an attempt to avoid the perceived cost of an M&A advisor, or to pursue a “substantial” offer currently on the table. In most cases, self-representation denies sellers the offer they never received, the financial sum they left on the table and the exponential economic gain realized in comparison to the fees paid to the investment bankers.

The most successful deals are almost always the result of collaboration between sellers and their trusted M&A advisors.